Mott of Scituate and Braintree, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Mott [a] b abt 1622, of Scituate, Plymouth, and Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d 23 Feb 1675/76 (killed by Indians), Braintree, Norfolk, MA. He md Hannah Shooter 25 Dec 1656, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, daughter of Peter Shooter. She was b abt 1634, of Scituate, Plymouth, MA.
Children of Nathaniel Mott and Hannah Shooter were:
  • Nathaniel Mott b 28 Dec 1657, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d 13 Mar 1660/61
  • John Mott b 19 Aug 1659.
  • Nathaniel Mott b 30 Aug 1661, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d Dec 1717, New Shoreham, Newport, RI; md [1] Hepzibah Winsley 29 Nov 1682, and [2] Sarah Tosh 23 Jan 1693/94.
  • Mary Mott b 15 Dec 1664, Braintree, Norfolk, MA.
  • Lydia Mott b 12 Jul 1666, Braintree, Norfolk, MA. She md Caleb Littlefield abt 1688, son of Anthony Littlefield and Mary Page.
  • Samuel Mott b 25 Jan 1668/69, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d 1752/53, Lyme, CT; md [1] Mary 6 Apr 1692, Lyme, CT, and [2] Margaret.
  • Elizabeth Mott b 17 May 1671, Braintree, Norfolk, MA; md Edmund Littlefield 30 Dec 1690.
  • Experience Mott b 24 Dec 1672, Braintree, Norfolk, MA.
  • Edward Mott b 11 May 1673, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d bef 26 May 1735, RI; md Penelope Tosh 9 Dec 1695, Block Island, Newport, RI.
  • Ebenezer Mott b 16 Sep 1675, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, d 1 Jan 1736, Braintree, CO, MA; md Grace Vinall 19 Feb 1699/1700.
John Mott [b] b 19 Aug 1659, Braintree, Norfolk, MA. He md Marcy/Mercy Tosh 16 Oct 1683, daughter of William Tosh [c] and Jael Sullivan. She was b abt 1662, of Braintree, Norfolk, MA.
Children of John Mott and Marcy/Mercy Tosh were:
  • Anna Mott b 9 Jan 1684, Block Island, Newport, RI, d 1684.
  • Anna Mott b 8 Jan 1685, Block Island, Newport, RI.
  • Sarah Mott b 19 Jan 1688, Block Island, Newport, RI.
  • Marcy/Mercy Mott b 1695.
Marcy/Mercy Mott b 1695, of New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 3 Apr 1761. She md Caleb Littlefield 1 Jul 1714, son of Caleb Littlefield and Lydia Mott.

a. He is first mentioned as an inhabitant of Scituate in the list of men able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony in 1643. In 1645 he was one of the eight Scituate men sent out in the expedition of Plymouth Colony against the Narragansett Indians, and he served thirteen days. He is next found in 1656 in the neighboring town of Braintree, where he married. The Middlesex court records mention him as living at Mr. Parker's farm, 22 Dec 1663. The births of his children are all recorded in the Braintree records, and the same records state that he was one of the four Braintree men killed by the Indians 23 Feb 1675/76, when they made their incursion into that town. He appears to have been a man of humble position, for he nowhere appears in the Suffolk land evidence and he left no will.

b. He removed to New Shoreham or Block Island with his brother Nathaniel about the year 1680. His name appears in the list of freemen there in 1684. He sold land at Block Island 19 Dec 1689 and again 27 Mar 1693, when he is described as "fomerly of this Island, but now in Lyme, Connecticut". He md 16 Oct 1683, Marcy (Mercy) Tosh daughter of William and Jael (Sullivan) Tosh, of Block Island.

c. William Tosh appears to have been William MacIntosh who was among the Scotch prisoners shipped to New England by Cromwell in 1651, after the battles of Dunbar and Worcester, most of whom were sold to the Lynn and Braintree Iron Works. Tosh married at Braintree 7 Dec 1660, Jael Sullivan, who was evidently one of the ship-load of Irish captives sent to New England in 1654. When the Braintree men set out to settle Block Island, Tosh was among the first settlers, later becoming a prominent citizen.
GL: Genealogies of Rhode Island Families, Volume I, Nathaniel Mott and His Sons, by G. Andrews Moriarty, pp 711-714; Volume II, Some Notes on Eighteenth Century Block Island, by G. Andrews Moriarty, pp 355-357.

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