Kenner of Oxfordshire, England
and Northumberland, Virginia

Capt. Richard Kenner [a], b 17 Dec 1625, prob Oxfordshire, England, d 20 Jan 1691/2, Northumberland, VA. He md Elizabeth Rodham abt 1666, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, daughter of Matthew Rodham and Elizabeth Hewitt.
Children of Richard Kenner and Elizabeth Rodham were:
  • Rodham Kenner b 23 Mar 1671, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, d bef 21 Aug 1706, Northumberland, VA; md Hannah Fox.
  • Richard Kenner b 3 Mar 1673, St. Stephen's Parish, d bef 27 May 1719; md Elizabeth Winder.
  • Capt. Francis Kenner b 27 Dec 1675, d bef 18 Apr 1728; md Hannah Howson.
  • John Kenner b abt 1677, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA.
  • Elizabeth Kenner 18 Dec 1681, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA; md Unknown Des Buttes.
  • Matthew Kenner b 1688.
Matthew Kenner b 1687, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, d 1743/44, Northumberland, Va. He md Elizabeth (Aldridge?) abt 1715, Northumberland, VA. She was b abt 1691, d bef 1743/44, Northumberland, VA.
Children of Matthew Kenner and Elizabeth were:
  • Matthew Kenner b abt 1717.
  • Hannah Kenner b abt 1719.
  • William Kenner b abt 1722.
  • Elizabeth Kenner b abt 1724.
  • Francis Kenner b abt 1726.
  • Richard Kenner b abt 1728
  • Anne Kenner b abt 1730.
Anne Kenner [b], b abt 1730, Northumberland, VA. She md William Gallahue 1751, son of Darby Gallahue and Charlotte Ewell.

a. He was burgess, with the rank of Captain, in 1688, 1691 and 1692. Matthew Rodham and wife Elizabeth made a deed in 1664, in consideration of Richard Kenner's marriage to their daughter, Elizabeth. He is mentioned in many early Northumberland County records:
Witnessed deed (of son) Rodham to Neale, 17 Nov 1666.
On jury to settle differences between Mr. Peter Presly and Mr. Thomas Matthew, 21 Jan 1668/69.
Witnessed the deed of Knight to Farnefold 19 Apr 1676.
Attorney to Mr. William Bodely, merchant, employer of Mr. Francis Gilhampton, 16 Oct 1676.
Deed, 200 acres in Chicacone purchased from Richard Flynt, 11 Mar 1677/78.
Justice, 18 Aug 1681, 18 Apr 1683, 16 Sep 1685, 18 May 1687, 20 Jul 1687, 16 Nov 1687.
Sues Daniel Swillivant for 20 shillings wages due his son Rhodon Kenner. Tried before Jury and wins, 18 Nov 1687.

b. According to long-time Kenner researcher, Ron Kinner, there is no record yet found which definitively places Anne Kenner as the daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Kenner. Evidently the source of this attachment is the will of Matthew Kenner in which he names seven children, including a daughter, Nanny Kenner, who was indicated to be about 14 years of age at the time of Matthew's will. Since Nanny can be a pet name for Anne, and her age seems a fit, he believes that this is the source of this assignment. But he also has stated that he has long thought that Matthew Kenner must have married a second time and started a new family many years after the first, or "perhaps we have skipped a generation and the 1743 will belongs to the son of Matthew who was born in 1687." Thus, he believes it is possible that Anne, wife of William Gallahue, could be the daughter of the younger Matthew. Another Matthew Kenner appears in Norfolk Co., VA, with a will dated 1746, with wife Maryy Malbone, but it is uncertain if this is the same younger Matthew or another Matthew Kenner altogether. He has also seen claims that Anne Kenner was the daughter of the elder Matthew's brother, Richard Kenner.
GL: Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume III, Kenner Family, pp 253-264; Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720, pp 558-559; Virginia Vital Records, Register of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County; Births, p 407; Northumberland County Record of Births, 1661-1810, p 467; Virginia Genealogies and Biographies, Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume I, Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons, p 271; Ron Kinner, 14 Jan 2002 (genforum).

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