Information on the Jones Family
Thomas Jones, Sr., Immigrant
Thomas Jones, immigrant, appears in the early "Virginia List of Inhabitants of Pasbehays (or Pasbehaighs) and the Maine" on both the 16 February 1623/24 and 30 January 1624/25 lists, along with his wife, Margaret ("Margrett"). He is named as "servant (to) Bunn" evidently indentured to one William Bunn, who also appears on this list. Likely his origination point was Wales. It is known that all sailed on the London Merchant, the exact date of arrival not known, but probably before 1623/24.

Thomas Jones, Jr.
Through Henrico County records of Thomas Jones' widow, Mary Repps (who married secondly, Edward Skerme), as well as their son Thomas Jones, we are able to validate the connections of this family.

"Thomas Jones of Bermooda Hundred, Henrico Co., planter, to my loving brother Repps Jones, land, part of my dividend left me by my father Thomas Jones, dec'd, northward from the river and next to Mr. William Ligon, Mr. Edward Stratton and Mr. Thomas Shippy, 100 acres. 5 Aug. 1684."
Wit: Littlebury Epes, Tho. Chetham
Signed: Thomas Jones, Mary Skirme, Martha Jones, the other signers being his mother and his wife. Recorded 1 April 1685."
"We Mary Skerm of Bermooda Hundred, Henrico Co., and Thomas Jones, my son, agree to peacably occupy land which was my husband's, Thos. Jones, dec'd, bounded by the river and the high road, called The Hundred Path, equally. Mary Skerm to hold the part joining the creek toward Wm Ligon, and Thomas Jones, the part joining the swamp, next to Edward Stratton 9 Aug. 1684.
Wit: Littlebury Epes, Tho. Chetham Signed: Tho. Jones, Mary Skirme Recorded 1 April 1685.
Will of Mary Skerme of Varina Parish 16 Nov. 1707
My land adjoining Joseph Wilkinson, to my beloved grandson Mathew Turpin
To grandson Phillip Turpin, items
To granddaughter Mary Osborne, items
To daughter Elizabeth Turpin, items
To grandson Thomas Osborne, a chest
To granddaughter Martha Osborne, a cow at her father's house
To daughter Mary Brodnecks, a mournin ring of 1 shillings
If I die before Edward Thacker, he is to be free
Son in law Philip Turpin to be executor
Wit: Thomas Osborne, Thomas Chetam, Sr.
Recorded 5 October 1710

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