Kings of Scotland and the Earls of Huntingdon and Dunbar
Crinan the Thane [a] b 978, prob Scotland, d 1045, Scotland. He md Bethoc/Beatrix 1000, daughter of Malcolm II Mac Kenneth, King of Scots. She was b abt 984, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.
Children of Crinan and Bethoc/Beatrix were:
  • Duncan I Mac Crinan, King of Scots, b abt 1010. See LINE A
  • Maldred of Scotland, Lord of Allerdale, b abt 1013. See LINE B

Duncan I Mac Crinan, King of Scots, b abt 1010, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland, d 14 Aug 1040, Morayshire, Scotland. He md a Daughter of Siward, Earl of Northumbria.
Children of Duncan I Mac Crinan and Daughter Fitz Siward were:
  • Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scots, b 1031. See LINE A1
  • Donald III Bane, King of Scots, b abt 1039. See LINE A2

  • LINE A1
    Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scots, b 1031, of Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland, d 13 Nov 1093 in siege on Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England. He md:
    [1] Ingibiorg abt 1066, daughter of Finn Arnason, Jarl of Halland.
    Child of Malcolm III Canmore and Ingibiorg was: [2] St. Margaret of Scotland 1068/69, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland, daughter of Edward Atheling, "The Exile", and Agatha.
    Children of Malcolm III Canmore and St. Margaret of Scotland were:
    • Alexander I, King of Scotland, b 1078, d 23 Apr 1124, Stirling, Scotland; md Sybilla.
    • Matilda of Scotland b abt 1079, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland, d 1 May 1118, Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, England. She md Henry I Beauclerc, King of England 11 Nov 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England, son of William I of Normandy, "the Conqueror", King of England, Duke of Normandy, and Maud/Matilda of Flanders.
    • David I of Scotland b abt 1080.
    • Mary of Scotland b abt 1084, Scotland, d 11 May 1116, Bermondsey, Middlesex, England. She md Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, 1102, son of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne, and Ida.
    David I of Scotland [b], King of Scotland, "the Saint", b abt 1080, Scotland, d 24 May 1153, Carlisle, Cumbria, Scotland. He md Maud of Huntingdon 1113-1114, Scotland, daughter of Waltheof II of Huntingdon, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton, Count of
    , and Judith of Lens.
    Child of David I of Scotland and Maud of Huntingdon was:

    Sir Henry de Huntingdon [c], Earl of Northumberland and Huntingdon, b 1114, prob Scotland, d 12 Jun 1152, Kelso, Scotland. He md Ada/Adelaide de Warenne 1139, daughter of Sir William II de Warenne, Earl of Surrey and Warren, and Isabel de Vermandois.
    Children of Henry de Huntingdon and Ada de Warenne were:

    • Malcolm IV, King of Scotland, b 20 Mar 1141/42, Scotland, d 9 Dec 1165, Scotland.
    • William I, "The Lion", King of Scotland, b 1143. See LINE A1a
    • David of Huntingdon, b abt 1144. See LINE A1b
    • Ada de Huntingdon b abt 1146, of Huntingdon, England, d aft 11 Jan 1203/04. She md Florent III of Holland, Count of Holland, Earl of Ross, 28 Aug 1162, son of Dirk VI of Holland, Count of Holland.
    • Marjory of Scotland b 1152, England, d abt 1213. She md [1] William de Lindsay abt 1170, and [2] Gilchrist of Angus, Earl of Angus, aft 1182, son of Gillbride of Angus, Earl of Angus, and Daughter of Gospatric II of Dunbar.
    • Margaret de Huntingdon b abt 1153, Northumberland, England, d abt 1213. She md:
        [1] Conan IV of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, 1166, son of Alan II, Earl of Richmond, Count of Brittany, and Bertha of Brittany, and
        [2] Humphrey IV de Bohun 1175, son of Humphrey III de Bohun, Constable of England, and Margaret of Hereford.
        LINE A1a
        William I [d], "The Lion", King of Scotland, b 1143, Scotland, d 4 Dec 1214, Stirling, Scotland. He md Ermengarde de Beaumont 5 Sep 1186, Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England. His mistress was Isabel Avenal daughter of Richard Avenal and Sibyl. She was b abt 1152, Scotland, d abt 1234.
        Children of William I and Isabel Avenal were:
        • Ada b abt 1170, d abt 1200. She md Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, 1184, son of Waltheof of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, and Aline.
        • Isabel of Scotland b abt 1180, Scotland, d 1251. She md Sir Robert de Ros, Magna Carta Surety, Knight Templar, 1191, Haddington, Lincolnshire, England, son of Everard de Ros and Rohese Trussebut.

        LINE A1b
        Sir David of Huntingdon [e], Earl of Huntingdon, b abt 1144, Huntingdon, Northumberland, England, d 17 Jun 1219, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He md Maud of Chester 26 Aug 1190, Huntingdon, Northumberland, England, daughter of Sir Hugh of Kevelioc, Earl of Chester, and Bertrade de Montfort.
        Children of David de Huntingdon and Maud de Kevelioc were:

        • Isabella of Huntingdon b abt 1194, of Huntingdon, England, d 1251-52; md Sir Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale, abt 1208.
        • Margaret de Huntingdon b abt 1199, of Huntingdon, England, d aft 6 Jan 1232/33. She md Sir Alan of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland, 1209, son of Sir Roland of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland, and Elena de Morville.
        • Ada de Huntingdon b abt 1208. She md Sir Henry de Hastings abt 1225.
      LINE A2
      Donald III Bane, King of Scotland, b abt 1039, d 1099, Forfarshire, Scotland. The identity of his wife is not known.
      Child of Donald III Bane was:

      Bethoc b abt 1090, Scotland. She md Huchtred of Tynedale abt 1112. Their daughter, Hextilda of Tynedale, md Sir Richard Comyn, Justiciar of Scotland, abt 1142.
    LINE B
    Sir Maldred of Scotland, Lord of Allerdale, b abt 1013, of Allerdale and Carlisle, Scotland, d 1045 (in battle). He md Ealdgyth abt 1036, daughter of Uchtred, Earl of Northumberland, and Aelfgifu.
    Children of Maldred of Scotland and Ealdgyth were:
    • Maldred b abt 1042, prob Scotland. See LINE B1
    • Gospatric I, Earl of Northumberland and Dunbar, b abt 1044. See LINE B2
    • LINE B1
      Maldred b abt 1042, prob Scotland.
      Child of Maldred was:

      Uchtred Fitz Maldred, Lord of Raby, b abt 1077, of Raby, Durham, England.
      Child of Uchtred Fitz Maldred was:

      Dolfin Fitz Uchtred, Lord of Raby, b abt 1105, Raby, Durham, England, d abt 1136. He md Alice abt 1132, daughter of Walcher, Bishop of Durham.
      Child of Dolfin Fitz Uchtred and Alice was:

      Maldred Fitz Dolfin, Lord of Raby, b abt 1138, Raby, Durham, England, d abt 1183. He md Joan de Stuteville abt 1166, daughter of Sir John de Stuteville, Lord of Long Lawford, and Agnes.
      Child of Maldred Fitz Dolfin and Joan de Stuteville was:

      Robert Fitz Maldred, Lord of Raby and Brancepeth, b abt 1172, Raby, Durham, England, d 1242-1248. He md Isabel de Neville abt 1190, daughter of Geoffrey de Neville, Lord of Ashby, and Emma de Bulmer.

      LINE B2
      Gospatric I [f], Earl of Northumberland and Dunbar, b abt 1044, Northumberland, England, d 1074/75, Ubbanford, Scotland. The identity of his wife is not known.
      Children of Gospatric I of Northumberland were:
      • Waltheof of Dunbar, Lord of Dunbar, b abt 1068. See LINE B2a
      • Athelreda of Dunbar b abt 1070. She md Duncan II, King of Scotland, abt 1094, son of Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland, and Ingibiorg.
      • Gunnilda of Northumberland b abt 1072. She md Orme, Lord of Allerdale, abt 1090, son of Ketel and Christiana.
      • Gospatric II of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1073. See LINE B2b
      • LINE B2a
        Waltheof of Dunbar [g], Lord of Dunbar, b abt 1068, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, d bef 1138. He md Sigrid abt 1104. She was b abt 1085.
        Child of Waltheof of Dunbar and Sigrid was:

        Gunnild of Dunbar b abt 1118, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland. She md Sir Uchtred of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, abt 1140, Scotland, son of Sir Fergus of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, and Elizabeth.

        LINE B2b
        Gospatric II of Dunbar [h], Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1073, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, d 23 Aug 1138, Battle of Standard. He md Sibyl Morel abt 1102, daughter of Arkil Morel. She was b abt 1088.
        Children of Gospatric II of Dunbar and Sibyl Morel were:

        • Gospatric of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1104. See LINE B2b1
        • Juliana of Dunbar b abt 1120. She md Sir Ralph de Merlay, Lord of Morpeth, abt 1142, son of Sir William de Merlay.
        • Daughter b abt 1125. She md Gilbride of Angus, Earl of Angus, abt 1144.
        • Edgar of Dunbar b abt 1132. See LINE B2b2

        • LINE B2b1
          Gospatric of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1104, d 1166. He md Derdere abt 1123. She was b abt 1108.
          Child of Gospatric of Dunbar and Dedere was:

          Waltheof of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1126, d 1182. He md Aline abt 1148. She was b abt 1132, d 20 Aug 1179.
          Child of Waltheof of Dunbar and Aline was:

          Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b 1152, d 31 Dec 1232. He md [1] Ada 1184, daughter of William I, King of Scotland, and mistress Isabel Avenal. He md [2] Christian/Christina le Stewart.
          Child of Patrick de Dunbar and Ada was:

          Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, b abt 1192, d betw May-Dec 1248, Marseilles, France (in route to the Crusade). He md Euphemia de Brus on or bef 1213, daughter of William de Brus and Christian/Christina le Stewart. She was b abt 1199, d abt 1267.
          Child of Patrick de Dunbar and Euphemia de Brus was:

          Isabel de Dunbar [i], b abt 1225. She md Roger Fitz John abt 1244, son of John Fitz Robert, Lord of Warkworth, Magna Carta Surety, and Ada de Baliol.

          LINE B2b2
          Edgar of Dunbar b abt 1132. He md Alice de Greystoke abt 1160, daughter of Ivo de Greystoke and Agnes. She was b abt 1142.
          Child of Edgard of Dunbar and Alice de Greystoke was:

          Agnes of Dunbar b abt 1170. She md Anselm le Fleming abt 1185, son of Michael II le Fleming and Christian de Stainton.

    a. Also called Grimus, he was lay abbot of Dunkeld.

    b. Sixth and youngest son of Malcolm III, he became Earl of Huntingdon by his marriage in 1113 to Maud, daughter of Earl Waltheof. That same year he founded an Abbey at Suffolk, and founded another Abbey at Jedworth in 1118. He succeeded his brother, Alexander I, as King of Scotland 25 Apr 1124. Having retained his English lands, he joined in 1127 in the Baron's recognition of the right the Empress Maud to succeed her father to the throne of England. Thus, when Stephen seized the crown, David took arms against him, but a peace was reached about Mar 1136. David resigned the earldom of Huntingdon in favor of his son, Henry, who did homage to Stephen. When war broke out again, David was defeated at the battle of the Standard 12 Aug 1138. He died at Carlisle in 1153.

    c. During the wars between his father and King Stephen, he fought on the Scottish side at the battle of the Standard. He succeeded to the earldom of Huntingdon upon his father's resignation in 1136, and became a favorite of King Stephen, spending much time with him in England. He made grants to St. Andrew's at Northants, and in 1150 founded the Abbey of Holmcultram in Cumberland. He died v.p., probably being in his late thirties.

    d. In his minority he succeeded his grandfather, David I, King of Scotland, to the earldom of Huntingdon, upon the death of William's father in 1152. While Henry II recognized him as Earl of Huntingdon, he refused him the earldom of Northumberland, (William's elder brother, Malcolm IV, as King of Scotland, had surrendered the earldom to Henry II in 1157). Thus, William became an enemy of the English King. Having joined Prince Henry in rebellion against his father, he invaded England, but was defeated and taken prisoner at Alnwick 12 Jul 1174, and then deprived of the earldom of Huntingdon. In 1185, he obtained a regrant of the earldom of Huntingdon, but then immediately resigned it to his brother, David.

    e. Younger brother of Kings William the Lion and Malcolm IV, he was knighted by Henry II on 31 May 1170. Upon his brother William's return from imprisonment in England in 1174, he received from him the district of Garioch in Aberdeenshire and the earldom of Lennox. He was a hostage for Scotland upon the confirmation of the Convention of Falaise, terms of which were proclaimed before both Kings, and the Scots earls doing fealty to Henry and his son. By his brother, William's, resignation of the earldom, he became Earl of Huntingdon in 1185. He founded the Abbey of Lindores in Fife in 1191, and was a benefactor to St. Andrew's and to Holy Trinity London. He and his brother-in-law, the Earl of Chester, besieged the castle of Nottingham in 1194, when it was held by adherents of John, the King's brother. His English honors were confirmed to him in May 1205 and Mar 1215, but he was deprived in 1215/1216, but were again restored in Mar 1218. He and wife Maud had three sons and three daughters: (1) Robert, who died young; (2) Henry, who died unmarried; (3) John "the Scot", who became Earl of Huntingdon and Chester, who died s.p.; (4) Margaret, married Alan, Lord of Galloway; (5) Isabel, married Robert Brus, Lord of Annandale; and (6) Ada, married Henry de Hastings. There was likely another son, David, who is called "David, my son" and named as deceased in a charter.

    f. Lord of Allerdale and Carlisle, he was born between 1040 and 1048. He probably visited Rome in 1061 in company with Tostig. He joined the Danes in an invasion of northern England, and after making peace with William I, he was entrusted with the government of Northumberland at Christmas 1067. In 1071, by order of William I, he escorted Walcher, recently consecrated Bishop, from York to Durham. However, he was deprived of his Northumberland post in Oct/Nov 1072, whence he fled to Scotland, where Malcolm III granted him Dunbar with the adjacent lands in Lothian. He is presumed to have died not long after, in about 1075. He appears to have left three sons, Gospatric, Waltheof, and Dolfin. The Complete Peerage identifies his wife as "sister of Edmund", the identity of said Edmund having baffled genealogists for centuries.

    g. Lord of Allerdale, and an elder brother of Gospatric, he had two sons, Alan, who was living 16 Aug 1139 and died s.p.m., and Gospatric, possibly illegitimate, who was living about 1156.

    h. Younger brother of Dolfin (who was expelled in 1092 from Carlisle), and Waltheof, he was one of the nine signatories to the charter of Scone, about 1115. He appears to have held the title of Earl, although there is no record which gives proof of this, nor any record that he was ever called such during his lifetime. But a charter, confirmed after his death, to the monks at Durham, styles him as "Gospatricus Comes". He is doubtless the leader of the men of Lothian who was slain at the battle of the Standard 22 Aug 1138.

    i. Her identification as Isabel de Dunbar and identical to Isabel, wife of Roger Fitz John of Warkworth is a recent (Oct-Nov 2004) discovery. Follow the link to her husband for further information of her identification and ancestry posted on society.genealogy.medieval.

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