Hilton, of Holderness, Yorkshire, England
Sir Robert Hilton b abt 1295, of Swine, Holderness, Yorkshire, England, d aft 1320. He md Daughter de Greystoke abt 1314. She was b abt 1298.
Child of Robert Hilton and Daughter de Greystoke was:

Sir Robert Hilton b abt 1324, of Swine, Holdnerness, Yorkshire, England, d aft 1370. He md Mary de Campania abt 1345. She was b abt 1330, d aft 1368.
Child of Robert Hilton and Mary de Campania was:

Sir Robert Hilton, Knight, b abt 1360, of Swine and Winestead, Holderness, Yorkshire, England, d aft 1392. He md Constance de Mauley abt 1386, daughter of Sir Piers de Mauley, Lord
, and Constance de Sutton. She was b abt 1365.
Child of Robert Hilton and Constance de Mauley was:

Sir Godfrey Hilton b abt 1388, of Swine, Holderness, Yorkshire, England, d 5 Aug 1459. He md Hawise Luttrell abt 1418/19, daughter of Sir Andrew Luttrell, Lord Luttrell, and Joan Tailboys.
Child of Godfrey Hilton and Hawise Luttrell was:

Sir Godfrey Hilton [a], Lord Luttrell, b 9 Nov 1419, d 18 May 1472. He md Margery Willoughby abt 1440, daughter of Sir Hugh Willoughby and Margaret Freville.
Child of Godfrey Hilton and Margery Willoughby was:

Elizabeth Hilton [b] b abt 1455, d aft 1487. She md Richard Thimbleby, Esquire, abt 1472. Their daughter, Anne Thimbleby, md John Booth abt 1506.

a. Son of Hawise by her second husband, he succeeded as her heir upon the death of his half-brother, Thomas Belesby in 1429 and became de jure Lord Luttrell. A recent discovery by Douglas Richardson has identified Godfrey's wife, long known only as "Margery", to be Margery Willoughby; see soc.genealogy.medieval for full particulars.

b. Upon the death of her brother, Godfrey Hilton, she and her sister, Hawise, were found to be his heirs. Elizabeth and her husband, Richard Thimbleby (or Thimelby), Esquire, acquired the whole manor of Irnham.

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