Origins of the Early Harcourts
Turketil [a], Seigneur de Turqueville, b abt 972, Normandy, d abt 1040. He md Adeline de Montfort abt 1004. She was b abt 990.
Children of Turketil and Adeline de Montfort were:
  • Lesceline b abt 1012, d 26 Jan 1057/58. She md William d'Eu, Count of Eu, abt 1024, illegitimate son of Richard I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, and unknown mistress.
  • Anschetil b abt 1025.
Anschetil [b] b abt 1025, Normandy, d 1072/73. He md Eva de Boissey abt 1056. She was b abt 1042, d 1080.
Child of Anschetil and Eva de Boissey was:

Robert de Harcourt [c], "The Strong", b abt 1056, prob Normandy, d 1129. He md Colede d'Argouges abt 1074. She was b abt 1060.
Children of Robert de Harcourt and Colede d'Argouges were:

  • (poss) Anschetil de Harcourt b abt 1080.
  • William de Harcourt, Seigneur of Harcourt, b abt 1082, d bef 1148; md Hue d'Ambois.

Anschetil de Harcourt [d] b abt 1080, of Leicestershire, England, d bef 1148. He md Agnes abt 1098. She was b abt 1084.
Child of Anschetil de Harcourt and Agnes was:

Ives/Ivo de Harcourt [e] b abt 1106, d 1185. The identity of his wife is not known.
Children of Ivo de Harcourt were:

  • (prob) Aubrey de Harcourt [f] b abt 1130. She md Sir William de Trussebut, Lord of Warter, abt 1145. Their daughter, Rohese Trussebut md Everard de Ros abt 1166.
  • Sir Robert de Harcourt b abt 1146.
Sir Robert de Harcourt, Knight, b abt 1146, Bosworth, Leicestershire, England, d 1201. He md Isabel de Camville abt 1167, daughter of Sir Richard de Camville, Lord of Stanton, and Millicent de Rethel.
Children of Robert de Harcourt and Isabel de Camville were:
  • Alice de Harcourt b abt 1170.
  • William de Harcourt b abt 1173, of Bosworth, Leicestershire, England, d 6 Apr 1223; md Alice Noel abt 1194.
Alice de Harcourt b abt 1170, Warwickshire, England, d aft Sep 1212. She md Sir Waleran de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, abt 1185, Leicestershire, England, son of Sir Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, and Gundred de Warenne.

The founder of the English Harcourt line is generally accepted as Anschetil de Harcourt, and while it is almost unanimously agreed by historians and genealogists alike that the English line is descended from the French line of Harcourt, the exact connection is not known for certain. William de Harcourt, a known son of Robert the Strong, is a proven ancestor of the French Counts of Harcourt, and the chronology associated with William tells us that he was a contemporary of Anschetil de Harcourt of Leicestershire.

a. Based upon the work of Robert de Torigny, Turketil is believed to be the brother of Thorold of Pont-Audemer, who is generally accepted as the progenitor of the Beaumonts.

b. He flourished in the time of William the Conqueror, 1027-1066. He is only known by charter designations of Robert de Harcourt, his son. He is said to have married Eve de Boissey, although this may be more of a guess based upon the fact that the later Harcourts held Boissey-le-Chatel. Irregardless of her name, she subsequently married William de Briouze (Braose), Lord of Bramber, by whom she had Philip de Braose, called the brother of Robert de Harcourt, son of Anschetil, in a document dated 1104. Other contemporary references to this Philip de Braose as paternal uncle to Robert de Harcourt's sons, appear to confirm that they were half-brothers, of the same mother. Tradition says that he had sons Errand (d about 1078, s.p.), Robert, Jean, Arnoul, Gervais, Ives, Renaud, and Agnes.

c. He first appears on record as a witness, with Robert (Beaumont), Count of Meulan, to a Norman charter of 1088, and in 1093, participated with the said Robert of Meulan in the induction of their kinsman, William de Montfort, as Abbot of Bec. Among the surviving records of the Abbey of Fecamp is a concord of 1104 between Abbot William and Philip de Braose, acknowledged in the presence of King Henry and Queen Matilda, and witnessed on behalf of Philip by his brother, Robert, son of Anschetil. Robert is said to have built Castle Harcourt in Normandy. By Colede, his known issue were William, his heir, Robert (who held land in Leicestershire and died in or before 1130, prob s.p.), Richard (b ca 1094, founder and commander of the preceptory of the Knights Templars at Renneville in Normandy), Philip (who granted Shipley in Sussex to the Knights Templars about 1139, as well as Sompting in Sussex in 1154, died 1163), and perhaps Henry, Seigneur of Boissey-le-Chatel.

d. He occurs in the Leicestershire Survey of 1124-29 as holding land in Kibworth and Shangton, both properties held by subsequent generations of the English Harcourts. In 1133-48, he gave four carucates of the land of Burton to the Abbot and Convent of St. Mary at Garendon, the charter being witnessed by Robert, Earl of Leicester, and Ives de Harcourt. He was deceased by 1148. There is no reference by Norman chroniclers of this Anschetil of Leicestershire, prompting the belief that he may have been a first cousin to William de Harcourt, and a son of Robert's reputed brother Ives, a name which Anschetil gave to his son. But while the chronology and nomenclature are persuasive, no proof has been found. By wife Agnes, Anschetil had issue Ives (or Ivo), William, perhaps Robert, and perhaps a daughter, Beatrice, who married Robert Basset.

e. He witnessed, with Earl Robert of Leicester, his father's charter, between 1133 and 1148, of a grant to Garendon Abbey. Before 1136, he and William, son of Walkelin, held three knights' fees of Robert de Ferrers, and by 1153, he held seven knights' fees of Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick. In about 1154, as heir of the whole patrimony, he confirmed and enlarged the gifts made in 1148 by his brother William to the Abbey of Garendon, and around 1163-65, with William de Braose, witnessed a royal charter given at Nottingham. He appears in the Pipe Rolls of 1165/66, but appears to have died during 1166, when the Barons' returns of that year show other individuals then in possession of his lands. His son and heir, Robert, became the well-known forebear of the numerous branches of the English Harcourt family.

f. Her paternity has long been disagreed upon, but Keats-Rohan's Domesday Descendants offers that she was either daughter of Ivo or of Roland, thus her placement here is not to be construed as totally proven.
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