Fitz Eustace
Richard Fitz Ranulph b abt 1030, of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.
Child of Richard Fitz Ranulph was:

John "Monoculus" Fitz Richard [a] b abt 1055, of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England. The name of his wife is not known.
Children of John "Monoculus" were:

Eustace Fitz John b abt 1080, d Jul 1157. He md Agnes Fitz William abt 1096, daughter of William Fitz Nigel, Constable of Chester. She was b abt 1083.
Child of Eustace Fitz John and Agnes Fitz William was:

Sir Richard Fitz Eustace, Lord of Halton, Constable of Chester, b abt 1098, of Cheshire, England. He md:
[1] Jane Bigod abt 1120, daughter of Roger Bigod and Adelize/Alice de Toeni.
Child of Richard Fitz Eustace and Jane Bigod was:

    Sir Roger Fitz Richard, Lord of Warkworth, b abt 1132, of Warkworth, Northumberland, England, d abt 1177. He md Alice de Vere abt 1150, daughter of Sir Aubrey II de Vere, Master Chamberlain, and Adelize/Alice de Clare.
    Child of Roger Fitz Richard and Alice de Clare was:

    Sir Robert Fitz Roger, Lord of Warkworth and Clavering, Sheriff of Northumberland, b abt 1162, of Warkworth, Northumberland, England, d sh bef 22 Nov 1214. He md Margery de Chesney abt 1180, daughter of William de Chesney, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.
    Children of Robert Fitz Roger and Margaret de Chesney were:
    • Alice Fitz Robert de Warkworth b abt 1186, of Warkworth, Northumberland, England, d bef 1225. She md Piers Fitz Herbert 1203, son of Herbert Fitz Herbert and Lucy of Hereford.
    • Sir John Fitz Robert, Lord of Warkworth, Magna Carta Surety, b abt 1190.
    Sir John Fitz Robert, Lord of Warkworth, Magna Carta Surety, b abt 1190, of Warkworth, Northumberland, England, d 1240. He md [2] Ada de Baliol abt 1218, daughter of Hugh de Baliol and Cecily de Fontaines.
    Child of John Fitz Robert and Ada de Baliol was:

    Roger Fitz John b abt 1222, of Clavering Essex, and Warkworth, Northumberland, England, d 1249. He md Isabel de Dunbar [b] abt 1244, daughter of Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar, and Euphemia de Brus.
    Child of Roger Fitz John and Isabel de Dunbar was:

    Sir Robert Fitz Roger, Lord of Clavering, b abt 1246, of Clavering, Essex, England, d 1310. He md Margery la Zouche abt 1265, daughter of Sir Alan la Zouche, Lord of Ashby, and Helen/Elena de Quincy.
    Child of Robert Fitz Roger and Margery la Zouche was:

    Euphemia de Clavering b abt 1270, of Clavering, Essex, England. She md Randolf/Ranulph de Neville abt 1284, son of Robert de Neville and Mary Fitz Randolf.

[2] Albreda de Lisours abt 1135, daughter of Robert de Lisours and Albreda de Lacy.
Children of Richard Fitz Eustace and Albreda de Lisours were:
  • Sir John Fitz Eustace b abt 1138.
  • Albreda Fitz Richard b abt 1154. She md Henry Biset abt 1170, son of Manasser Biset and Alice de Cany.
  • Sir John Fitz Eustace, Constable of Chester, b abt 1138, d 1190, Palestine. He md Alice of Essex abt 1158, daughter of Sir Robert Fitz Suein of Essex, Lord of Rayleigh, and Alice de Vere.
    Child of John Fitz Eustace and Alice of Essex was:

    Roger de Lacy [c] b 1170, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, England, d 1211. He md Maud de Clare abt 1190, daughter of Sir Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester, Magna Carta Surety, and Amice Fitz Robert.
    Child of Roger de Lacy and Maud de Clare was:

    Sir John de Lacy [d], Earl of Lincoln, Constable of Chester, Magna Carta Surety, b 1192, d 22 Jul 1240. He md [1] Alice de l'Aigle, and [2] Margaret de Quincy bef 21 Jun 1221, daughter of Robert de Quincy and Hawise of Chester.
    Child of John de Lacy and Margaret de Quincy was:

    Maud de Lacy b abt 25 Jan 1226/27, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, d 10 Mar 1287/88, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. She md Sir Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Lord Clare, Knight, abt 25 Jan 1237/38, Lincolnshire, England, son of Sir Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester, Magna Carta Surety, and Isabel Marshal.

Payn Fitz John b abt 1089, d 1137. He md Sibyl Talbot [e] abt 1112, daughter of Geoffrey Talbot and Agnes de Lacy. She was b abt 1096.
Child of Payn Fitz John and Sibyl Talbot was:

Agnes Fitz John b abt 1126, d 1191/92. She md [1] Warin de Munchensy abt 1140, son of Hubert de Munchensy, and [2] Haldenald de Bidun.

a. Known as John "Monoculus", a Domesday tenant, CP states he was the son of one "John the Moneyer". But recent findings indicate he was the son of Richard Fitz Ranulph and nephew of Waleran Fitz Ranulph, another Domesday tenant.

b. She has long been identified in CP as simply Isabel, but recent evidence uncovered by Michael Anne Guido indicates she was the daughter of Patrick of Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar. This discovery is well-documented and can be viewed on Royal Ancestry of the Warkworths, which includes reference to earlier posts as well as a chart by John Ravilious.

c. Roger was the son of John, Constable of Chester, whose mother, Aubrey (or Albreda) had succeeded to the estate of her cousin, Robert de Lacy, who died s.p. in 1195. In 1194, Aubrey gave the honour of Pontefract to her grandson, the said Roger, who thereupon took the name of Lacy.

d. He obtained livery of his inheritance in Jul 1213, when he is described as Constable of Chester. In 1213-1214, he was with the King in Poitou, but in 1215 he had joined the confederate Barons, being one of the 25 Magnates appointed to enforce Magna Carta, and in the same year he took the Cross. By the end of the year he had made peace with the King, but by the following summer he was again in rebellion, whereby King John destroyed his castle at Donington. In Nov 1217, he was pardoned by Henry III. The following year he accompanied the Earl of Chester on crusade and fought at the siege of Damietta, returning to England about Aug 1220. In 1229, he was appointed to conduct the King of Scots to meet Henry at York. In 1232 he took a prominent part as the King's commissioner in the proceedings against Hubert de Burgh, and sat as a judge at Cornhill to hear complaints about him, and early the following year he was one of Hubert's keepers at Devizes Castle. In late 1232 he was created Earl of Lincoln. In 1233 he joined the party against the Bishop of Winchester, but the Bishop won him over, and from that time he acted with the Court, becoming one of the King's unpopular counsellors. In 1237 he was a plenipotentiary to make peace with Scotland, and served as Sheriff of Chester from 1237 to 1240. He was a benefactor to Stanlaw and other religious houses. His first wife, Alice, daughter of Gilbert de l'Aigle, died s.p., and he married secondly, before 21 Jun 1221, Margaret, daughter of Robert de Quincy by Hawise, suo jure Countess of Lincoln. He died after a long illness. His widow married abt Jan 1242/42, Walter Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, who died s.p. in 1245, and thirdly, she married bef 7 Jun 1252, Richard de Wilteshir. She, who was still living in early Mar 1265/66, was deceased before 30 Mar 1266.

e. As noted on the Munchensy lineage page, footnote a., Warin de Munchensy, by his marriage to Agnes, the daughter of Payn Fitz John and Sybil de Lacy, was recipient of part of the great Lacy estates, as well as that of the Talbot fee. In looking at the lineage, as appears to be generally accepted, and is shown by The Complete Peerage, it becomes readily apparent that there is no explanation as to the origin of this Talbot fee. But CP later, in Vol IX, sub Munchensy, citing M. W. Hughes' research, suggests that Sybil de Lacy was actually Sybil Talbot, styled de Lacy, the daughter of Geoffrey Talbot by Agnes de Lacy, a sister of Hugh II de Lacy. Other references to grants and interrelationships, far too detailed and involved to include here, are cited for this proposed lineage, some of which appear to add more than circumstantial support to this theory. Further, it is noted that Sybil Talbot styling herself Lacy after her Lacy possesions from her mother, would be entirely in consonance with the practices of that time. Sybil Talbot had at least one brother, Geoffrey, and the latter is mentioned in Complete Peerage: In 1130 Geoffrey Talbot was accounting for 200 marks of silver to have the lands of his father Geoffrey, while the latter's widow Agnes owed 2 marks of gold to have dower and her marriage. Agnes was very probably a Lacy....The lands were the extensive honour of Swanscombe or Talbot, formerly part of the possessions of Eudes (Odo), Bishop of Bayeux, mainly in Kent, and were burdened with castle-guard of Dover. Geoffrey Talbot, however, who was notoriously a bitter opponent of Stephen, was active chiefly in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. It was while besieging Hereford that he received the wounds of which he died 22 Aug 1140." The connection of this Geoffrey Talbot, son of Geoffrey and Agnes (Lacy), to Richard Talbot of Eccleswall is not known, but CP hints at a possible connection, which may be found upon examination of the Talbot's alliances with the Lacy family. One Geoffrey Talbot held Liston, in Essex, of Hugh de Gournay, circa 1086, who may be Geoffrey Talbot who married Agnes de Lacy; also a Richard Talbot circa 1086, who held Batlesden, co. Bedford, of the Giffards.
CP Vol VII[675-680 and lineage chart therein], Vol IX[424-426], Vol XII/2[269-274]; AR: Line 246D[26-28], Line 54[29-30]; SGM: Dave Utzinger, Christopher Nash, Gordon Fisher[ref: The Lacy Family in England and Normandy, 1066-1194, by W. E. Wightman], Douglas Richardson; Royal Ancestry of the Warkworths, contributors Michael Anne Guido, John Ravilious, Andrew B.W. MacEwen, et al.

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