Edson of Fillongley, Warwickshire, England and Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thomas Edson b abt 1488, prob Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England. He md Juliana Bustard abt 1512, daughter of John Bustard and Elizabeth Fox. She was b abt 1493.
Child of Thomas Edson and Juliana Bustard was:

Richard Edson b abt 1515, of Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England, d 1558. He md Agnes abt 1540. She was b abt 1520.
Child of Richard Edson and Agnes was:

Thomas Edson b abt 1542, of Fillongley, Warwickshire, England, d bef 15 Jan 1587. He md Ellen abt 1566. She was b abt 1545.
Child of Thomas Edson and Ellen was:

Thomas Edson b bef 7 Sep 1572, of Fillongley, Warwickshire, England. He md Elizabeth Copson 1 Nov 1596. She was b abt 1578.
Known children of Thomas Edson and Elizabeth Copson were:

  • Anna Edson b abt 1610; md Richard Snell.
  • Deac. Samuel Edson b bef 5 Sep 1613.
Deac. Samuel Edson [a] b bef 5 Sep 1613, Fillongley, Warwickshire, England, d 19 Jul 1692, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Susanna. She was b bef 5 Sep 1615, d 18 Oct 1699, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Children of Samuel Edson and Susanna were:
  • Susanna Edson b 1640.
  • Sarah Edson b abt 1641, Salem, MA, d 18 Feb 1716/17, Taunton, Bristol, MA; md John Deane 7 Nov 1663, prob Taunton, Bristol, MA.
  • Elizabeth Edson b abt 1643, Salem, MA; md Ezra Deane 17 Dec 1676, Taunton, Bristol, MA.
  • Samuel Edson b abt 1645, Salem, MA, d 10 Apr 1719, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Susanna Byram 1678, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Mary Edson b 1647, md Nicholas Byram 1676.
  • Joseph Edson b abt 1649; md [1] Experience Field 1678, [2] Mary Turner 1686.
  • Josiah Edson b abt 1651; md Elizabeth.
  • Bethiah Edson b abt 1653, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; md Ezra Dean 1676.

Susanna Edson b 1640, Cat Cove, Salem, MA, d 16 Oct 1705, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. She md Rev. James Keith 3 May 1668, Taunton, Bristol, MA.

a. He came to New England about 1639, first residing in Salem, Mass., where on 25 May 1639 he was granted half an acre near "Catt Cove, and five acres more for plantinge ground". He later was granted 25 acres in "Mackrell Cove" and two additional acres of meadow. He had removed to Bridgewater by 1657, where he was one of the 56 original proprietors, and in 1657 he was among those who took the Oath of Fidelity in that town. He served as a member of the jury 1674, of the Town Council 1675-76, as well as Selectman 1676, 1677, 1678, 1681, and 1686. He also served as deputy of the General Court, a member of the Council of War, and numerous other positions. He married Susanna, but most sources now believe she was not Susanna Orcutt. His will, dated 15 Jan 1688/89 follows:

    This fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and eighty-eight or eighty-nine, I Samuel Edson, sen., Inhabitant of the Town of Bridgewater, in the county of Plimouth, in New England, Being of perfect understanding and memory, Praysed be God for the same, do make and declare my last Will and Testament in maner and forme following:

    Having already disposed of moste of my Lands and Great part of my estate to my children as By their Deeds doth appear I do now Will and Bequeath to my eldest son, Samuel Edson, my ffowling piece, and to my other two sons, Joseph Edson and Josiah Edson, my musket, sword, and Bandaleers.

    Item. I give and Bequeath to my three sons, Samuel Edson, Joseph Edson, and Josiah Edson, to each of them a draught chaine and also a Logg Chain and all my wearing cloaths to be divided among them.

    Item. I Give and bequeath to my Loving Wife, Susanna Edson, all the rest of my estate, Both Personal and reall, housing, Lands, chattels, cash, all within doors and without, whatsoever I have not otherwise disposed of, to be wholly at her dispose during her naturall Life, and what is Left at her decease and mine, either Housing, lands, chattels, or cash, all without doorss, to be equally divided among my three sons, Samuel Edson, Joseph Edson and Josiah Edson, their heirs and Assigns. And all within doorss all my household Goods and cash to be equally divided among my five daughters, Elizabeth, Susanna, Sarah, Mary, and Bethiah, their heirs and assigns. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my Loving Wife, Susanna Edson, to be my executrix and my son Samuel Edson and my son Josiah Edson to be Joyned with her as executors of this my last Will and Testament.

    And I do further Will and desire Mr. James Keith, John Kingman, senr. and Thomas Snell of Bridgewater to be overseers of this my Last Will and Testament to see it faithfully performed, hereby appointing my executrix and my executors above mentioned to receive all my just debts and to pay whatever I owe any p(er)son, discharging my funeral's (expenses).

    In witness whereof I, the abovesaid Samuel Edson, senr. have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

          Samuel Edson, Senr. (Seal.)

    Readd, signed, sealed, Published and declared to be his Last Will and Testament in the Presence of us.
    John Ffield
    John Ames,
    Samuel Kinsley.

    John Ames and Samuel Kinsley, two of the Witnesses here named made oath before the Court at Plimouth, September ye 20th, 1692, that they were present and saw the above named Samuel Edson senr. now deceased, sign, seal and heard him declare the above written to be his last Will and Testament. And that, to the best of their judgment, he was of sound mind and memory when he did the same.

          Attest: Saml. Sprague, Clerk.

GL: The Sharpe Family Records, by Elizabeth E. Jones, 1940 [ref: The Edsons in England and America, by Jarvis Bonesteel Edson, 1903, pp. 447-48]; English Origins of New England Families, Series 2, Volume 3, English Birth of Thomas Snell, by Hallock P. Long, p. 894, an article originally appearing in NEHGR, republished by Genealogical Publishing Company.

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