Despenser, Dispensators Regis
Thurstan le Despenser [a], Dispensator Regis, b abt 1036. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Thurstan le Despenser was:

Hugh le Despenser [b], Dispensator Regis, b abt 1072. He md Hawise abt 1094. She was b abt 1078.
Child of Hugh le Despenser and Hawise was:

Unknown le Despenser b abt 1100.
Child of Unknown le Despenser was:

Thurstan le Despenser [c] b abt 1130. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Child of Thurstan le Despenser was:

Aymer le Despenser [d], Dispensator Regis, b abt 1162, of Worthy, Hampshire, and King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, England. He md [1] Amabel/Maud de Chesney [e] bef 15 Jul 1186, daughter of Walter de Chesney and Eve de Broc, and [2] Alda Bloet. Amabel was b abt 1169.
Child of Aymer le Despenser and Amabel de Chesney was:

Juliane le Despenser [f] b abt 1186, d aft 1227. She md [1] William Bardolf, [2] Sir Piers de Stokes, and [3] Geoffrey de Lucy 1207, son of Geoffrey de Lucy.

This family took its name from the office of Dispensators Regis. As with the distinct and separate Boteler families, who took their name from their positions as Butlers to various nobles, there is no connection of this Despenser line with the well-known Despenser line of Thomas le Despenser.

a. He was Dispensator Regis to William II.

b. Dispensator Regis in 1105.

c. Complete Peerage states that "it is highly probable" that Thurstan was either son or grandson of Hugh le Despenser; chronology would appear to indicate the latter.

d. Brother and heir to Walter le Despenser, Dispensator Regis, who had been granted Worthy and King's Stanley by Henry II, Aymer had a confirmation of these estates 24 Apr 1204.

e. She brought Dallington in free marriage. She is most often referred to as Amabel, but one source, cited in CP, calls her Maud. Her mother, Eve de Broc, was the daughter of Eustace de Broc.

f. She brought Dallington to her marriage with Geoffrey de Lucy; she was previously married to William Bardolf and Piers de Stokes, the latter being deceased by Aug 1206.
CP: Vol IV[287].

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