Carr of London, England, and Little Compton, Newport,
Rhode Island

Benjamin Carr [a] b abt 1584, of London, Middlesex, England, d abt 1635. He md Martha Hardington abt 1610. She was b abt 1592.
Identified children of Benjamin Carr and Martha Hardington were:
  • Robert Carr b 4 Oct 1614.
  • Gov. Caleb Carr b 9 Dec 1616, London, Middlesex, England, d 17 Dec 1695, Newport, RI; md [1] Mercy, and [2] Mrs. Sarah (Clarke) Pinner.
Robert Carr [b] b 4 Oct 1614, London, Middlesex, England, d bef 4 Oct 1681, Little Compton, Newport, RI. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Children of Robert Carr were:
  • Margaret Carr b abt 1650, Newport, RI; md Richard Hartshorne 27 Nov 1670.
  • Elizabeth Carr b abt 1652, Newport, RI; md [1] James Brown abt 1670, and [2] Samuel Gardiner.
  • Mary Carr b abt 1655, Newport, RI; md [1] John Hicks, and [2] Ralph Earl.
  • Caleb Carr b 23 Aug 1657, d abt 1690; md Phillis Greene.
  • Robert Carr b abt 1659, Newport, RI, d 1724; md Elizabeth Lawton.
  • Ezek Carr b abt 1662.
Ezek Carr b abt 1662, Newport, RI, d 1744, Little Compton, Newport, RI. He md Susanna abt 1684. She was b abt 1667.
Children of Ezek Carr and Susanna were:
  • Mary Carr b 14 Jul 1685, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md John Brownell 20 Dec 1715.
  • Sarah Carr b 19 May 1689, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md Edward Thurston 15 Oct 1712.
  • Elizabeth Carr b 29 Jul 1691, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md Samuel Wilbore 24 Dec 1713.
  • Ezek Carr b 23 Aug 1693.
  • Anna Carr b 28 Feb 1696, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md Jonathan Wood 14 Aug 1718.
  • Martha Carr b 29 May 1698, Little Compton, Newport, RI.
  • Susanna Carr b 20 Sep 1700, Little Compton, Newport, RI, d Nov 1790; md Thomas Wilbore 18 Dec 1737.
  • Margaret Carr b 16 Jan 1703, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md Timothy Closson 10 Mar 1729.
  • Robert Carr b 24 Feb 1706, Little Compton, Newport, RI, d bef 3 Feb 1767; md Elizabeth Cuthbert 27 May 1730.
  • Thankful Carr b 27 Apr 1709, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md William Lake 4 Feb 1739.
Ezek Carr b 23 Aug 1693, Little Compton, Newport, RI, d 13 Nov 1728, Little Compton, Newport, RI. He md [1] Mary Brownell 3 Apr 1716, daughter of Thomas Brownell and Mary Pearce. He md [2] Deborah Briggs 3 Oct 1726.
Only child of Ezek Carr and Mary Brownell was:

Mary Carr b 31 Jul 1717, Little Compton, Newport, RI. She md Nathaniel Potter 20 Oct 1736, Little Compton, Newport, RI, son of John Potter and Mary Tripp.

a. Written in the old bible of William Carr is "My maiden name was Susan Rothschild and born in Devonshire 30 April 1598. I married 16 May 1619 William Carr of London. My husband had a brother, Benjamin Carr. In 1635 Robert and Caleb Carr, husband's brother Benjamin Carr's two sons were sent over from London to live with their uncle William, my husband. In 1636 Capt. Roger Williams, who had abandoned the sea, moved from Salem, bringing with him a colony of friends and settled with us. The same year he founded the state of Rhode Island and named our place Bristol."

b. He came to America with his brother, Caleb. on the ship Elizabeth Ann, which sailed from London 9 May1635; an old shipping record lists Caleb Carr "ae 19" and Robert Carr "ae 21, tailor." Robert and Caleb initially settled in Bristol, RI and two years later settled in Newport. Robert was admitted an inhabitant of Portsmouth 21 Feb 1639 and Freeman of Newport 16 Mar 1641. Brother Caleb was named overseer of his will, dated 20 Apr 1681, in which he mentions his intention of starting on a voyage to New York/New Jersey. To his eldest child, Caleb, he gave all lands in Jamestown, to John Hicks and his children by his daughter, Mary, 20 pounds; to son Robert his dwelling house and wharf at Newport; to son Ezek certain land; and to daughter Margaret all of his sheep at Jamestown. His will was probated 4 Oct 1681.

LCF [Vol I:143-144].

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