Counts of Brienne
Erard I de Brienne, Count of Brienne, b abt 1090. He md Alix de Roucy abt 1118, daughter of Andre de Roucy, Count of Roucy, and Alix.
Children of Erard I de Brienne and Alix de Roucy were: Erard II de Brienne [a], Count of Brienne, b abt 1132, d 8 Feb 1191, Acre, Palestine. He md Agnes de Montfaucon 1149, daughter of Richard II of Montbeliard, Count of Montbeliard. She was b abt 1136.
Child of Erard II de Brienne and Agnes de Montfaucon was:

Jean de Brienne [b], King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople, b abt 1168, d 21 Mar 1237. He md [1] Mary de Montferrat 15 Sep 1210, [2] Stephanie of Armenia 1214, and [3] Berengaria of Leon 1223, daughter of Alfonso IX, King of Castile and Leon, and Berengaria of Castile.
Identified children of Jean de Brienne and Berengaria of Leon were:

  • Jean de Brienne b abt 1225. See LINE A
  • Louis de Brienne b abt 1232. See LINE B
Jean de Brienne, Grand Butler of France, b abt 1225, Acre, Palestine, d 1296. He md Jeanne de Chateaudun 1251, daughter of Geoffrey V, Viscount of Chateaudun, and Clemence des Roches [c]. She was b abt 1234.
Child of Jean de Brienne and Jeanne de Chateaudun was:

Blanche de Brienne b abt 1252, France, d 1302. She md Sir William II de Fiennes, Seigneur de Fiennes, abt 1265, son of Enguerrand/Ingelram II de Fiennes, Seigneur de Fiennes, and Daughter de Conde.

Louis de Brienne, Viscount of Maine, aka "de Acre", b abt 1232, France. He md Agnes de Beaumont abt 1250, daughter of Raoul VI de Beaumont, Viscount of Maine, and Agnes.
Child of Louis de Brienne and Agnes de Beaumont was:

Sir Henry de Beaumont b abt 1272.

a. Fought in the Third Crusade, being killed at Acre.

b. He was elected Latin Emperor of Constantinople in 1228, and became King of Jerusalem by election of the Barons, in right of his first wife, Mary de Montferrat, maternal granddaughter of Amaury I, King of Jerusalem. Jean and Mary had one daughter and heiress, in whose right he reigned.

c. Clemence des Roches was the daughter of William des Roches, Seneschal of Anjou, Maine, and Touraine, who died 1222, by his wife Marguerite de Sable.

AR: Line 114[28-30], Line 120[29-31].
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