Blanchard of Gates, North Carolina
Richard Blanchard [a] b abt 1810, Gates, NC, d aft 1880, Gates, NC. He md [1] Margaret Stallings 22 Dec 1835, Gates, NC, [2] Julia Hurdle 2 Sep 1840, Gates, NC, [3] Mary Hurdle 25 Jun 1856, Gates, NC, and [4] Caroline Hobbs 21 Jul 1857, Gates, NC. Julia Hurdle was b abt 1812, Gates or Chowan, NC, d bef 1857, prob Gates, NC.
Children of Richard Blanchard and Julia Hurdle were:
  • Rachel Blanchard b 1842, Gates, NC.
  • James R. Blanchard b 1844, Gates, NC.
  • Thomas Blanchard b 2 May 1846.
  • David Blanchard b 1848, Gates, NC.
  • Absalom Blanchard b 1849, Gates, NC.
  • Mary E. Blanchard b abt 1851, Gates, NC.
Thomas Blanchard b 2 May 1846, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d 12 Jan 1922, Gates, NC. He md Marinda Jackson Hobbs 5 Feb 1873, Mintonsville, Gates, NC, daughter of William S. Hobbs and Sarah "Sallie" Bunch.
Children of Thomas Blanchard and Marinda Jackson Hobbs were:
  • Sarah M. Blanchard b abt 1876, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d abt 1877.
  • Minnie Viola Blanchard b abt 1878, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; md Erastus F. Bagley.
  • Julia Anne Blanchard b abt 1879, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; md Alfred Hobbs.
  • James Walter Blanchard b Aug 1880, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d Reading, PA; md Lenora Miller.
  • Willard Slade Blanchard b May 1883, Hobbsville, Gates, NC.
  • Eugenia O'Feachus Blanchard b Jun 1885, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; md Oliver Linwood Brown.
  • Thomas "Tommie" Christian Blanchard b Jul 1887, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; md Rufus Lee Hobbs.
  • Florine Blanchard b Apr 1890, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; d prob Norfolk, VA; md Jesse Warren Hobbs.
  • Cecil Blanchard b 28 Oct 1892, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d poss Michigan.
  • Paul Winslow Blanchard b Feb 1895, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d prob Norfolk, VA; md Eunice Maria Whitehead.
  • John Titus Blanchard b Jun 1897, Hobbsville, Gates, NC; d Gates, NC; md Mary Edith Baker.
  • Sarah/Sallie Miranda Blanchard Jan 1900, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d Norfolk, VA; md Irvin Dewey Hathaway.
Willard Slade Blanchard b 7 May 1883, Hobbsville, Gates, NC, d 16 May 1966, Norfolk, VA. He md Fanny Sue Burroughs 23 Jun 1911, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC.
Children of Willard Slade Blanchard and Fanny Sue Burroughs were:
  • Russell Thomas Blanchard b 1 Mar 1913, Portsmouth, Va, d 17 Feb 1990; md [1] Marjorie Mayo, and [2] Isabel (Roblin) Bills 7 Aug 1947.
  • Mildred Sue Blanchard (living). She md George Scott Miles 19 Apr 1938, Baltimore, MD, son of George Outhitt Miles and Ida Tew Scott.
  • Willard Slade Blanchard, Jr. (living).

a. There is reason to believe that Richard took the name of his mother, and was actually the son of James Hofler. This would certainly explain the fact that this author, along with several other researchers, has never been able to find a record of his birth or parentage, nor has seen a single Blanchard of this region by the name Richard, until this Richard appears. This would also be consistent with the name given to Richard's first-born son, James, another uncommon Blanchard name. There were apparently two siblings to Richard, one Issac, who took his father's name, and a sister, Nancy. James Hofler died in 1822, and left a will in Gates County, this will from which another researcher gleaned this information. The author had also been in contact with a second cousin, whose father still lives in Hobbsville, cousin to the author's mother, who stated "we aren't related to the Blanchards here". Additional research is needed to clarify this lineage.


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